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The New Batman Adventures: Filmography

A listing of the directors, writers, composers, and animation studios that have worked on The New Batman Adventures, and their contributions. Links are to episodes that show a contributor at his or her best, or which represent a contribution of considerable merit.



Hiroyuki Aoyama
Mean Seasons.

Curt Geda
Animal Act; Double Talk, Girl's Night Out; Judgment Day; Knight Time; Mystery of the Batwoman; Old Wounds; Sins of the Father; Torch Song.

Kenji Hachizaki
Never Fear.

Butch Lukic
Beware the Creeper; Chemistry; Cult of the Cat; Love Is a Croc; Mad Love; You Scratch My Back.

Dan Riba
Cold Comfort; Critters; The Demon Reborn; Holiday Knights; Joker's Millions; Legends of the Dark Knight, The Ultimate Thrill.

Atsuko Tanaka
The Demon Within; Growing Pains.

Yuichiro Yano
Over the Edge.


Note: All credits are as sole writer, except:
(s: story only); (w: written only); (co-: co-story/written)

Hilary J. Bader
Animal Act; Cold Comfort; Girl's Night Out; Mean Seasons; The Ultimate Thrill; You Scratch My Back.

Stan Berkowitz
Chemistry; Cult of the Cat (co-s, w); The Demon Within (w); Never Fear.

Rusti Bjornhoel
The Demon Within (s).

Alan Burnett
Judgement Day (co-w); Mystery of the Batwoman (s).

Paul Dini
Cult of the Cat (co-s); Growing Pains (co-s); Holiday Knights; Joker's Millions; Mad Love (co-s, w); Over the Edge.

Rich Fogel
Beware the Creeper (s); The Demon Reborn; Judgment Day (co-w); Old Wounds; Sins of the Father; Torch Song.

Steve Gerber
Beware the Creeper (w); Critters (s); Love Is a Croc.

Robert Goodman
Double Talk; Growing Pains (co-s; w); Knight Time; Legends of the Dark Knight (co-s, w).

Joe R. Lansdale
Critters (w).

Michael Reaves
Mystery of the Batwoman (w).

Bruce Timm
Legends of the Dark Knight (co-s); Mad Love (co-s).


Kristopher Carter
Chemistry; Cult of the Cat.

Harvey Cohen
Animal Act; Love is a Croc.

Michael McCuistion
The Demon Reborn; Growing Pains; Judgment Day; Knight Time; The Ultimate Thrill.

Lolita Ritmanis
Beware the Creeper; Girl's Night Out; Joker's Millions; Mystery of the Batwoman.

Shirley Walker
Cold Comfort; Critters; The Demon Within; Double Talk; Holiday Knights; Legends of the Dark Knight; Mad Love; Mean Seasons; Never Fear; Old Wounds; Over the Edge; Sins of the Father; Torch Song; You Scratch My Back.

Animation Studios

D.R. Movie Co.
Mystery of the Batwoman.

Koko/Dong Yang
Animal Act; Beware the Creeper; Chemistry; Cold Comfort; Critters; Cult of the Cat; The Demon Reborn; Double Talk; Girl's Night Out; Holiday Knights; Joker's Millions; Judgment Day; Knight Time; Legends of the Dark Knight; Love is a Croc; Mad Love; Old Wounds; Sins of the Father; Torch Song; The Ultimate Thrill; You Scratch My Back.

The Demon Within; Growing Pains; Mean Seasons; Never Fear; Over the Edge.

Producers: Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Bruce W. Timm
Theme: Shirley Walker
Supervising Composer: Shirley Walker
Casting and Voice Direction: Andrea Romano
Executive Producer:
Jean MacCurdy
Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Inc.