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Music Galleries

Title card music to each episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Click on each link to listen.


BTAS: Opening Theme
BTAS: Closing Theme
TABR: Opening Theme
TABR: Closing Theme
TNBSA: Opening Theme
Almost Got 'Im
Appointment in Crime Alley
Batgirl Returns
Be a Clown
Beware the Gray Ghost
Birds of a Feather
Blind as a Bat
A Bullet for Bullock
The Cape & Cowl Conspiracy
The Cat and the Claw, Part 1
The Cat and the Claw, Part 2
Cat Scratch Fever
Christmas with the Joker
The Clock King
Day of the Samurai
Deep Freeze
The Demon's Quest, Part 1
The Demon's Quest, Part 2
Dreams in Darkness
Eternal Youth
Fear of Victory

Feat of Clay, Part 1
Feat of Clay, Part 2
Fire from Olympus
The Forgotten
Harley & Ivy
Harley's Holiday
Heart of Ice
Heart of Steel, Part 1
Heart of Steel, Part 2
His Silicon Soul
House and Garden
I Am the Night
If You're So Smart. . .
It's Never Too Late
I've Got Batman in My Basement
Joker's Favor
Joker's Wild
The Last Laugh
The Lion and the Unicorn
Mad as a Hatter
Make 'Em Laugh
The Man Who Killed Batman
The Mechanic
Moon of the Wolf
Night of the Ninja
Nothing to Fear
Off Balance

On Leather Wings
Paging the Crime Doctor
Perchance to Dream
Pretty Poison
Prophecy of Doom
Read My Lips
Riddler's Reform
Robin's Reckoning, Part 1
Robin's Reckoning, Part 2
Second Chance
See No Evil
Shadow of the Bat, Part 1
Shadow of the Bat, Part 2
The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
The Terrible Trio
Terror in the Sky
Time Out of Joint
Two Face, Part 1
Two Face, Part 2
Tyger Tyger
The Underdwellers
What is Reality?
The Worry Men


BTAS: The Legend Begins: Menu
Avatar: The Tomb
Baby-Doll: Garage music
Beware the Creeper: Happy anniversary, Mr. J!
Beware the Creeper: Beware the Creeper!
Beware the Gray Ghost: The Gray Ghost
A Bullet for Bullock: Harvey's Lonely Nights
A Bullet for Bullock: Harvey vs. Vinnie
The Cat and the Claw: Cat Burglary
Chase Me: Complete
Critters: Farmer Brown
Critters: The Office
Critters: The Barnyard
Christmas with the Joker: Jingle Bells
Fear of Victory: Stalking the Scarecrow
Fire from Olympus: Zeus Strikes!
Harlequinade: "Say That We're Sweethearts Again"
Heart of Ice: Opening monologue
Heart of Ice: Closing monologue

Holiday Knights: Shopping spree
Mad as a Hatter: The Mad Hatter
Mad as a Hatter: Wonderland Waltz
The Man Who Killed Batman: The Joker's Eulogy
The Man Who Killed Batman: Amazing Grace
Mystery of the Batwoman: Opening Titles
Mystery of the Batwoman: Closing Credits
On Leather Wings: Flight of the Manbat
Prophecy of Doom: The Casino
Return of the Joker: Main Titles
Second Chance: Harvey at the Hospital
Showdown: Opening Attack
Showdown: Jonah Hex
Showdown: Governor's Speech
Superman: The Animated Series: Main Title
Time Out of Joint: The Clock King
Time Out of Joint: Stalking Time
You Scratch My Back: Nightwing's Theme

If you're a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, you're probably too young to have watched many Hollywood movies from the 1940s; on the other hand, you might just be the type to appreciate classic Hollywood films.

At any rate, the series' practice of prefacing its episodes with title cards clearly owed something to the art and style used in movies sixty years ago. The pages below are a tiny selection of title cards and opening themes from some old movies. No direct comparisons are made or intended between these images and themes and those used in Batman: The Animated Series. Still, it is not hard to imagine some of these gracing the opening of never-made episodes of Batman.

And Then There Were None
The Big Sleep
Cat People

The Ghost Ship
Isle of the Dead

The Maltese Falcon

The Mummy's Hand
Stage Fright
White Heat