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The opinions expressed upon this website (unless explicitly credited to another source) are my own only, and no one else should be held responsible for them. They are personal and peculiar to author, who composed them while looking for relief from the tedium of a dissertation—a fact which surely explains the site's improbably ponderous tone.

The weaknesses of its content and design are my own. Its virtues—the images that adorn this, its third edition—are due to the web-based friends and acquaintances who allowed this Internet illiterate to borrow them. James Harvey of World's Finest not only allowed free access to WF's immense catalog of stills and screengrabs, but gave a generous response to this site. "World's Finest" may seem like a vainglorious self-appellation for an animation/comics website; compared to its very real excellences, and to those of Jim himself, that title is actually modest and self-effacing. Tim Wan, of Batman Beyond: The Tomorrow Knight, was the original source of many of those stills, and he has generously allowed me to carry many of them over to my site. Thanks also go to Salvor, whose Batman: Tomorrow and Beyond is a Batman Beyond extravaganza beyond all others in its scope and ambition; Salvor's own Batman-inspired art makes it a must-see attraction.

I must also thank Peter Destructo, a.k.a. Koby the Interactive Bear, whose early enthusiasm for the first edition was tremendously heartening; Alex Weitzman, whose encouragingly competitive spirit got this place back on track after an extended hiatus; and mr. no caps, who goaded me into giving "Critters" (and a few other episodes) a second look while teasing me good-naturedly about all manner of things.

Toon Zone is the best place on the planet for cartoon fanatics, and I can never repay Brian Cruz and Eileen Delgadillo for their support and guidance.

I also cannot thank Kevin Fenzi enough for giving me space at at a crucial time, and for his help and patience as I put the pieces together.

About Me

The author originally hails from Las Cruces, New Mexico, a small city located in the Mesilla-Hatch valley and best noted (when noted at all) for its distinctive local cuisine. (Recommended restaurants, if you’re ever in town: El Comedor, La Casita, Nellie’s Cafe, Nopalitos, and Roberto's.) Except for a few temporary decampments to Texas, he spent the bulk of his life in that city, where he attended New Mexico State University, earning bachelors degrees in philosophy and English. He did graduate work in philosophy at Duke University, receiving his Ph.D. in 1998 with a specialty in "core" areas: metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of language. His quest for full-time academic employment (a difficult proposition in his chosen field) led only to various adjunct and part-time positions. He has since wandered from job to job and career to career. For Toon Zone, he serves as Senior Editor-Reviews at Toon Zone News and maintains The Scooby-Doo Case Files.

Besides Batman (and cartoons in general), his interests and hobbies include watching movies (with a special love for the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, and Joel & Ethan Coen); reading nineteenth century European history (especially the history of Wilhelmine Germany); and playing various versions of Sid Meier's Civilization on the computer. Foremost among his more-or-less creative endeavors: a series of interactive, improvisational murder mystery party games co-written with college buddy Kurt Depner. Those produced in the community (to something resembling acclaim): The Musical Murders of 1929; Fatal Liaisons; and The Curse of Yog-Sothoth, the Thing That Should Not Be (Except Under Unusual Circumstances And Then It’s Okay).

On-line, he can be contacted here or at the World’s Finest message boards at Toon Zone, where he posts under the name of "Maxie Zeus."

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.