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Unofficial Sites

World's Finest maintains a large selection of links via its Affiliates program. May be the best place to start looking for Batman stuff on the web.

Batman: The Animated Newsletter: Back issues can be found here, containing news, schedules, reviews and columns.

Batman UK: A large, handsome site maintained by Brian Davis.

Toon Zone: Contains sites devoted to news and schedules (old and new).

This is Pop!: Annotated links to some of the best Batman and other DC resources on the web.

Riddler's Lair: Spiffy site site dedicated to the Prince of Paradoxes.

Episode Guides

Other Episode Guides to the animated Batman series can be found at the following sites. Most include the episode number and original airdate along with a plot summary, commentary, and rating.

World's Finest Episode Guide: Part of the massive World's Finest site. Each review comes with lots of stills and memorable quotes. Information includes cast, writing and directing credits, plus original airdates and episode numbers.

Two-Face's Tower of Tranquility and Terror: Part of a huge site with lots of features. Episode reviews for TNBA and BB only, including writing, directing and animation credits; also has pictures.

Batman: Tomorrow and Beyond: Batman Beyond only. Good summaries and reviews, plus writing, directing and animation credits. (Be sure to check out Salvor's art while you're there.) Batman Beyond only. Episode guide lacks credits, but includes numerous stills.

The New Batman Adventures: An Unofficial Site: TNBA only. Includes writing and directing credits.

The Big Cartoon Database: Selected episode entries have perceptive Commentaries by Alex Weitzman. Includes a spotty and incomplete episode guide/commentary to BTAS.

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